StudyBooster enables students to get sponsored for achieving their academic goals.

We call it “StudyBoosting”.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is, the idea behind StudyBooster is simple: we want to incentivise students by rewarding them for studying hard and achieving their goals.
Recognising students for their dedication and achievement leads to improved motivation and performance. It really works.
Be a part of StudyBooster and see how you can “learn, earn and give the gift of education”.

Parents, Family & Friends

Using StudyBooster is easy. Students simply set a goal and invite a sponsor to pledge their support if they succeed.
If you have been invited to sponsor a student, will receive an email inviting you to StudyBoost them with the details of the goal they are aiming for.
Remember that taking a personal interest in your student and sponsoring them for achieving is a powerful motivator. It’s the sort of thing that can help them go the extra mile in their education.


Want to improve your marks and get paid for learning?
Getting started is easy. Simply hit the “sign up” button at the top of this page, and fill out the form to get going.
Once your profile is active, you can go ahead and set an academic goal and share it with your family and friends (see some example goals in the Help section).
StudyBooster will help you share your goals by email, Facebook or Twitter. Share your goals with anyone you feel comfortable with.
As your StudyBoosts roll in you’ll see your total rise and rise, but… you’ll only be able to claim the StudyBoosts once you’ve successfully completed your goal.
Look out for our competitions! These are a cool way to win some extra money or a great prize!

Good for Schools and Universities

Studybooster is a company that focuses on better learning outcomes for secondary and tertiary students. That’s right, StudyBooster helps students get better marks. That’s something every education provider wants, and it’s a good thing.
We take a visionary and innovative approach to motivating and incentivising students, which provides sustainable improvements in their achievements at every stage and level.
Our program strengthens intrinsic motivation and builds self-confidence.
We provide an SSL security encrypted web platform where students set their goals, share them with family, friends and business sponsors, and get paid for achieving.
Studybooster runs a system of donating to the participating schools and universities of our students.
Studybooster also partners with recognised charity organisations who provide essential support for needy kids, and our students get the choice to donate some of their Studybooster dollars to this worthy cause whenever they achieve a goal!

Useful Info

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