7 Study Tips To Achieve Study Goals.

Preparing for Exam Success

With every lesson, there is always assessment or exam right after.  And every time your exam week is coming, you can already feel the  butterflies in your tummy.  Anxiety will always be there.  Here in Studybooster, we wanted to share with you this tips to help you understand and achieve your study goals.

  1. Plan ahead –  Planning is very important on how to set your study goals. Make a to-do list.Prioritize those things that you need to accomplish first and what is urgent. For example ; You will have an exam in Science in 3 days . So,  You should spend most of  your time studying  your Science subject not on other subject since it will come first. Schedule each step in your calendar that will prevent from procrastination.
  1. Create structured goals- You should know your goals. Goals should not remain as goal but you should strive to achieve it. You should have goal setting and be realistic with it. Set your priorities. Maintaining a sensible and balanced approach to your study goal setting will pay off in the long run.
  1. Review regularly– Your brain will remember better if you gradually learn your lessons. It is like eating food. If you overeat you will get indigestion. So schedule a review daily or weekly.
  1. Take regular study breaks- Balance also is important. We are not superman so there must be time for breaks.  Our mind also need to relax, giving some time to recover.  Taking regular short breaks  not only helps you improve your focus but can boost our productivity too.
  1. Make best use of technology- You can gather information through technology. There are many online tools, social media, blogs, videos that you can use for personalizing study tools. Gather some materials that can help you understand the the topic clearly and can benefit  you to achieve your goals and have better marks.
  1. Quiz yourself – After you complete your timeframe of studying, the next step would be to assess how much you understand.  This is an effective to test your knowledge.  This will help you improve your learning before you attend the final exam.You can do this yourself or ask a friend or family member to quiz you.
  1. Focus on your goals & rewardsThis is what drives you to reach your goal. Some students are motivated when their efforts or hard work are followed by rewards. Be positive and believe in yourself that you can reach your goal. A reward can be big or small, as long it’s something that you’ll look forward to.

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