Sponsor a Student and help them Succeed

How it Works

How does Studybooster work with sponsors? Simple. Students set their goals and share them. Sponsors follow these goals and support them by pledging a sponsorship for successful achievement.

Sponsor to encourage a student

Considering sponsoring a student? The advantages are many, for both parties. Studybooster sponsorships encourage students at a basic, concrete level, and provide them a sense of fulfillment and inspiration by rewarding achievement.

Making the most of opportunities

Theoretical rewards and benefits of study in years to come can seem a lifetime away. Studybooster sponsorship brings goals into sharp focus, and shores up drive and momentum to succeed.

Create responsibility and opportunity

Voluntary collaboration between students and their sponsors brings bonding, understanding, and cooperation, and feeds back into the development of good study habits that carry on well beyond an initial pledge.

Reports and Action reminders

Sponsors can view their students by year level, subject, and topic goals. They can invite students to set and share a subject goal with them, to promote and sponsor their efforts in a subject too.

Useful Info

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