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  • What is goal setting all about on StudyBooster? Great Goals with Brilliant Results! Students set goals to get good marks and be rewarded!
    It's simple:

    • 1. Register on StudyBooster and set a goal. Include a suggested amount you hope to raise
    • 2. Share your goal with family and friends to get sponsors
    • 3.Achieve your goal, and collect your sponsors! It's rewards for better marks and hard work

    Sponsorships can be used to further your career - tertiary education is expensive - or you might want to add it to your savings for a future dream. Some choose to donate to charity, for the cause of those less fortunate. Awesome!

    Free 3 months signup until Dec 31st 2016. $25 per year after

    You can set multiple goals! Don’t be shy, it’s worth it! Your hard-earned rewards could go towards the cost of further education, which can cost up to $35,000 per year!
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    Create and promote better study habits for better outcomes, and make the most of both the teaching and learning efforts

  • What are some examples of goals that I can set?   

    What about your ATAR score? Or a subject score? Or an exam mark?

    Who should I ask to sponsor my goal?   

    You can ask anyone to StudyBoost your goal. Typically, students ask their family and close family friends for sponsorship – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, older cousins and family friends.

    Is there any limit on the number of sponsors?   

    No. You can have as many individual sponsors as you like and each sponsor can StudyBoost you as much as they like.

    When do I receive the funds from my sponsors and how will I get paid?   

    Once you have achieved your goal, log on to StudyBooster and complete the notification details. The funds are converted to Studybooster dollars that you can accrue, or you can have the funds transferred directly into your Bank account.

    Are there any fees involved?   

    Students who sin up to Studybooster between October and Dec31 2016 qualify for 3 months subscription free. After that, Student sign up with StudyBooster is through an annual subscription, which only costs $25 per year. You can pay the subscription up front or have it deducted from your first sponsorship in that year. There are no other fees or charges to students, regardless of how many sponsors you get per year or how much you earn. There won’t be any fees or charges for goals you don’t get awarded for either.

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Broaden your whole personality together with your knowledge

Read and study the classics of literature, and broaden your whole personality together with your knowledge. Learning to craft a beautiful sentence is an art form, and will serve you for a lifetime. Discover how people have said the unsayable, and gather techniques for your own toolbox.


Open doors into your future

Secondary maths skills are essential for more career choices than you’d believe. From being a pilot to a career in government: you need maths qualifications for all. Make it the core strength subject it is, and open doors into your future. Set targets, achieve, and overcome.


Find what really makes you tick; Physics, Chemistry or Biology

Science is worth over-investing in, because the more you know, the more you’ll want to know. Cover the basics, then go in depth and find what really makes you tick.


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How does the world of finance govern politics, international power dynamics, and your life as an individual? Set your targets in these fields and equip yourself for a life with a better understanding of your surroundings.

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