How it works

1. Endorse a Students Goal   

Teachers and Tutors help Students set realistic and challenging goals on Studybooster. They endorse goals with the goal SMART system to encourage success and sponsorship. You can also invite students to set a goal on Studybooster in any subject or topic to inspire a higher achievement.


  • Interact with Students about goals for their subject
  • Utilise goal SMART on Studybooster to endorse a goal
  • Suggest and encourage topic goals for students

2.Monitor Student Progress   

Use Studybooster to track and review student goals. Watch their progress and see where additional support or intervention might be required. Encourage students to use Studybooster to improve their performance. Build more cohesive student/teacher relationships and understanding that will feed back into classroom performance.


  • Monitor student performance against due dates and relevant task work
  • Collaborate and communicate with students to build greater trust and empathy
  • Identify needs and ideals and tailor your own delivery methods for premium results

3. Certify Goal achievement   

Certify the successful achievement of goals to provide sign off for students and sponsors. Congratulate success!


  • Certify Student achievement
  • Record and monitor student outcomes against past and average marks
  • Adopt the SMARTER system to evaluate readjust your plans

Introduction Video

Create and promote better study habits for better outcomes, and make the most of both the teaching and learning efforts

Studybooster works with educators

How does Studybooster work with educators? Simple. Students set their goals by sharing and liaising with their teachers, tutors and/or mentors. Educators can endorse goals, review progress and certify when they get achieved.

Supporting Educators

Educators benefit directly and on multiple levels from the Studybooster platform. Creating and promoting better study habits brings better outcomes, making the most of both the teaching and learning efforts already expended.

A Stronger Team

"Teachers can liaise and work with students on their targets; endorsing their goals, tracking their progress, and providing verification and validation when goals are met. It both reinforces class or tutoring work and improves teacher/student relationships!"

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