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For some, a student’s life is boring and not interesting. It consists of classes, lectures, reading books, taking exams,  and making lab reports. >I think this stage of a teenager’s life is the most exciting period – full of spontaneity, dreams and hope, not a care in the world, except for studying. The aspiration of every student is to get >better marks.>  >However, school is not dull all the time.  There are moments that you always look forward to, like >swimming class and or break time; other times when you can relax, joke, and have fun with your friends.

During this period,  students learn and educates themselves.  They learn from teachers, people in authority, and co-students. They learn so many things and interact with different kinds of people. In this way, students must know how to treat people in all aspects of life. This is what we call virtues.  Virtues that we can apply in our day to day life. Here are the 3 important virtues we should practice especially when we are in school;

Honesty> For students, I’m not just talking about cheating. I’m also talking about  being honest when asking for allowances from your parents. This involves avoiding things like plagiarism – copying papers  written by another student. Complicity – the act of helping another student to commit academic dishonesty in any way. These are just few things that should be avoided. On the other hand, telling the truth why you were absent from school, why you were late at home, must be observed at all times.

Respect This is not just about showing respect to superiors, teachers, and co-students regardless of color, size, gender, and nationality. >Respect is an attitude that has a big contribution in a person’s life. If children don’t have respect for peers, in authority, or themselves, it’s impossible for them to succeed in their dreams in life since this virtue plays a vital role in one’s life. It must be practice at all times especially in dealing different kinds of people.

Obedience Obedience is a necessary element of life. >By the time you step out from your home you have to obey the traffic signs. When you reach your school, you can’t enter the gate without I.D because of the “No I.D, No Entry” policy.  Those are just a few examples in obeying rules.  As a student, obedience should be a way of life.

Virtues are very important in a student’s life.People may forget your awards or  if you have been top in class or not, but they will remember you by your virtues. You can make a difference because good education is not only based on academic achievements, it’s all about character. Character  plus hard work equals success.

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